Our company’s approach is that of hardworking members of a family business.

This translates to establishing a team-based structure while developing a strategic public relations plan for you. When appropriate, we conduct interviews with and encourage input from your company’s staff members. This means helping our clients understand the significance of communications research in the ever evolving landscape of media relations. We customize the plan to fit your project and your brand.

Borne Identities delivers high quality and professional public relations services with a personal touch.

Since 1997 we have focused on both up-and-coming and already established artistic oriented businesses and individual artists that are looking to increase public awareness and visibility for their projects and for their brand. We understand that promoting your own productions, exhibits, music releases or brand can be daunting in terms of perceived costs, media contacts, creative artwork, and release scheduling. Each of these tasks represent an area of our skills that we offer to you in a calm, respectful and effective manner.

         Strategic Media Planning

Seeking media access without first developing a strategic media plan is like beginning construction on a house without a blueprint… it doesn’t take long to run into trouble. Borne Identities offers you guidance in the planning, targeting, budgeting, and implementation of a comprehensive media campaign. After listening to and discussing your needs we will apply our years of experience, research, and relationship development to achieving your goals. Our understanding of current conditions and popular information sources are key elements which contribute to the creation of an effective media strategy. If a plan is already in place, we can administer and oversee the day-to-day details of deadline and ad buy management.

               Image Management

Think beyond advertising. Borne Identities creates possibilities for collaborations, networking, community involvement, and special events. We provide on-going ideas and implementation of appropriate activities which can ensure that your company maintains a strong public image. For example, we make sure that there is consistency in all materials that pertain to your company, from logos and signage to marketing and merchandising.

              Event Planning

Planning an event to increase awareness of your presence, raise funds, seek out new subscribers or clients can prove to be an excellent way to help your company grow. Involving your employees or company members in the process can be a boost on morale, helping to build team spirit. Our experience with event planning offers contributions when considering areas of style, design, budgeting, source management, location scouting, promotion, and overall event coordination.